Plan that is designed just for preferred customers like you.

Introducing ICICI Pru Signature, our newest ULIP that offers insurance and flexible investment opportunities in one plan. It is a unique plan that can give you better returns while it shields your loved ones with life cover.







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35 year old Ashwin, an IT Project manager, decides to invest in ICICI Pru Signature to grow wealth, secure family’s future and achieve cherished goals. He selects a premium payment term of 7 years, policy term of 15 years and pays annual premium of ₹ 2 lakhs.



The above illustrations are for a healthy male life with 100% of his investments in Maximiser V. The above are illustrative maturity values, net of all charges, Goods & Services Tax and cesses, if any. Since your policy offers variable returns, the given illustration shows different rates of assumed future investment returns. The returns shown in the benefit illustration are not guaranteed and they are not the upper or lower limits of what you might get back, as the value of your policy depends on a number of factors including future investment performance.
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Divya is a 30 year old female who purchased ICICI Pru1 Wealth with a policy term of 10 years. Divya decided to pay `1,00,000 as one time premium and the life cover for the plan was 10 lakh.